Way Back Wednesday

Have I mentioned that I haven't been the best blogger lately? This school year has been a bit different than the last couple of years and blogging has taken to the back burner a bit for me. We started a new curriculum Journeys and it's taken awhile to get used you. I'm going to try and update you all on the goings on in my classroom over the next couple of weeks.

For "way back Wednesday" how about going all the way back to the beginning of the school year?

Here is a peak into my room. Same color scheme as last year with a slight change in furniture placement. *Hopefully* a year from this December our *new* building will be complete and I'll redecorate then. For now though, it works!

A look from the front of the room. 
 My desk space. 

 Bookshelf love. All separated and organized by genre. 

I cannot claim this wonderful idea. I found it on Instagram. As soon as I can remember the account I'll let you know... or if it was you, please holler!

 My goofy group. They are fabulous! 

Thanks to my friend Jivey, I learned of "Saving Fred" last year. It's still my favorite team building activity at the beginning of the year. 

More to come! I hope you enjoy your Thanksgiving holiday!

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