Blogging Hiatus is Over & An Adoption Story

I can't believe that I've went almost a third of the year without blogging. A few things have come up this school year and I've just needed to step away from the computer a bit, I'll touch on things more in a later post, there is something too important to share today.

A little over 25 years ago, my life greatly changed. At two weeks of age, I was welcomed into the loving arms of a couple who had tried for many years to conceive, but had been unable to. Adopted into a family that has never treated as anything but their own flesh and blood. A family who loves and cares for me greatly and who has given me all the support that they possibly could. I am forever grateful for their love and unwavering support.

I cannot imagine what it would be like to bond with a baby for 9 months and then, due to life's circumstances, choose to give my child up. I cannot imagine the pain of coming to realize that I could not take care of my child in the way that someone else could. Coming to this realization and being able to act upon it by giving a priceless gift to someone else, is the ultimate show of love in my humble opinion.

I am truly grateful, knowing some of the circumstances around my birth, that my biological mother chose adoption as opposed to terminating her pregnancy. Having a child was not suppose to happen, there was no way for this woman to raise a child, and she chose the best possible option.

One of my blogging buddies, Nick & his wife, are seeking to adopt. I was more than happy to come together with other bloggers to help raise funds for the adoption fees. Although, a truly wonderful and beautiful thing, adoption is costly. Being able to donate proceeds to a cause so near & dear to my heart, has been wonderful. Be sure to check out this bundle, only a few days left, and help support this growing family too. If purchasing a bundle isn't feasible for you, shoot up some prayers, good vibes, or crossed fingers for a smooth (and quick) process would be appreciated too.


  1. Very beautifully said, Christy!

  2. Thanks for sharing your story! Teaching here in Florida is a bit overwhelming right now so it's nice to hear from you! Im excited to be a small part of this large world of educational blogging! I've already purchased the bundle to help Nick and his wife! I will continue to pray for them, you, and for the countless children that need to be adopted by loving families. Blessings!



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