Last Eating, Drinking, & Linking for the Summer

A little under the weather yesterday, and back to school prep, my poor little linky is a little late. My goal is to get all of the recipes that have been linked up this summer added to my Pinterest board for this link up. I'm surprised at how much traffic was driven to my blog from a few recipe shares; I hope this does the same for many of you!

The hubs and I just got back from Sheboygan, Wisconsin this last week. A work trip for him, family friendly, with time for us to explore a bit. So I thought I'd share a couple of the restaurants we tried. This has been one summer full of travel, so I actually have place to recommend, not just recipes this go around. Kind of fun to know of new places to try when out and about!

Before we made it to Sheboygan, we stopped in Madison to meet up with a friend from college. He took us to The Old Fashioned. It was on the capitol square and a fun place to grab a bite to eat. Best parts of my meal were the shoestring onions and deep fried cheese curds.

Once in Sheboygan, we tried out a couple of places. The first was Il Ritrovo Pizza. Certified from Italy. Wood fire. Delicious. The Wisconsin made root beer was really good too!

The second place we ventured out to was Rupps Downtown. Hands down the best loaded baked potato I've ever had. Maybe it was the Wisconsin cheese.

Overall a really fun and tasty trip!

One special stop on the way up was to see a good friend and blogging buddy, Diane from Fifth in the Middle. Tony and I really enjoyed breakfast with her and her family. If you haven't bopped by her blog before you should. She is celebrating two years and 2,000 followers with a fabulous giveaway check it out here!

I know it's delayed, but if you have any end of the summer eats or treats, recipes or restaurant recommendations to share, please link up!

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  1. All of that food looks amazing! It was so great seeing you :)


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