Classroom "App"lications: Turkey Time

 November edition of "Classroom 'App'lications" is underway, better late than never right? Be sure to link up your iPad integrations at the end of this post!

My students absolutely *love* Pic Collage. This is a free app for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod.  With ease in adding pictures from the web, the iPad, text, and stickers, the students are constantly creating collages of things they like. That's why, when I mention we are going to use that app in a lesson, they immediately have bought in.

This year, Thanksgiving caught me by surprise. {Does that really surprise anyone with the lack luster amount of posts lately? Life is just steamrolling ahead!} Anywho, thanks to our schools wonderful app and iPad integration specialist had an idea, I put it into action, and by the end of the hour, kids were telling me that they had fun. I'd say that's a win!

The prompt, was that the turkey needed to be somewhere, anywhere school appropriate, and as a result of being there, he'd be too busy to make it for Thanksgiving and of course, too busy to be eaten.  With only one day to complete our project, students only needed to write a short paragraph in the very least, although they were given the option more.

Think the paper turkeys that have be disguised, only digital. Students searched for background that they wanted; the place the turkey was visiting. Then they added a turkey with props to help make it seem like the turkey was truly there. Finally, they added their short note of apology for not making it to dinner. So cute and so fun!

The picture from my example. {Go Wildcats!} Images in Pic Collage can be layered, by tapping on them. The jersey and turkey were "cut out" of their backgrounds, by double tapping the picture and clicking on "clip". From there, just use your finger or stylus to outline the object, click on done, and your object has a background no longer.

The following pictures are from the student creations and displays on the Apple TV. Sorry for the poor quality when the lights were turned off!

Student cutting out his turkey. Not seen, under his hand, is the green outline that shows where the object will be cut.

This student found all of his objects and is beginning to build his picture

Adding text to create his letter.

This young lady, added her text above her picture.  "I'm so sorry I won't make it for the holiday. I am eating my own food. Just playing with other turkeys. P.S. I won't be back next year. I'm getting a ticket to go to Hawaii-- Tom the Turkey"

This turkey was filing the role of Willie the Wildcat.

A couple of young men enjoy history, particularly World War 2. They created Pic Collages that had their turkeys participating in this part of history.

The creations, writing, and sharing of these turkey creations was a favorite of my fourth graders. Last minute idea, but if you end up using this writing idea I'd love to see pictures and hear about how it went. Comment or leave a link, with your students' creations!

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  1. Those are awesome! I wish that we had iPads for my classroom. Do you think that this activity would work on iPods?


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