Foldables, Catching Up

Since I'm not the best at updating... here is a catch up on some of things we've been doing in my math class over the past few weeks.


I enjoy transformations. Maybe it stems from the time playing Simon Says with the kiddos during student teaching using different transformations and clockwise/counter clockwise to help dictate which ways the students should go. {My students this year got into the Simon Says action as well.}

This go around we also created a foldable. I love foldables. My social studies method's teacher from Kansas State would be proud. I saw a pin on Pinterest and decided to replicate it. (On upon writing this up, I'm thinking I should have clicked on it, she made a pretty cool printable, check it out!)

The front gives a simple definition of what a transformation is. 

The first flap shows what a translation is. Using the paperclip students could translate or slide the hexagon. 

The middle shows a rotation. The brad is a great way for students to rotate/turn the shape themselves. 

The last flap is for a reflection. With a piece of tape half on the trapezoid and half on the foldable, students were able to reflect or flip their shape. 

A simple, hands on foldable to help solidify information. 


We did a foldable similar to one floating around. Seen here.

We also did a quick drawing of Mr. G. I like the visual of the full body Mr. Gallon, but with my kiddos, I want them to have a resource that they can quickly draw on the side of their paper if need be during a test. 

Measurement- Yards

Ms. Y-- aka Ms. Yard she made an appearance during our measurement unit. I taped her up to the board to remind students that their are 3 feet in 1 yard. We talked about how many inches were in 1 foot. Another quick, simple, drawying they can make or think of when the see a problem involving yards.

Measurement Unit

I got the idea for this from Math Coach's Corner, to see the original click here. There is so much that encompasses measurement. Having one big anchor chart to reflect on and go back to throughout the unit was great. Daily the students through discussion and exploration had topics to add to it.

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