Story of my life right now, haha

Just keep swimming right?

Sorry for the delay in posting! I'll attempt to be better... but no promises for now :)

Whew. It's been a busy week. I've started a new documentation method to try and keep track of all of my kiddos (both schools) progress. This is a work in progress, but I seem to have the support of the other staff... this is great! 

Spelling. Ugh. I do not like spelling goals, at all. A month into school and every week there are different adaptations being made. Trying to keep track of those kiddos that are doing well and need bumped up, those that aren't doing so well and finding spelling lists that work for where the students are at, and trying to figure out if any of this will matter in two weeks when MTSS times will begin. {MTSS = Multi-Tiered Systems of Support. Kansas has a thing for naming things differently than the rest of the country, most would know this as RTI, Response to Intervention.} Part of the MTSS time will be during when spelling is currently, and no one is 100% how this will look in a couple of weeks.

*Speaking of spelling, does anyone have a wonderful idea to help a child who has Apraxia with spelling?  If so, I would welcome any ideas!

I keep finding out more details about students, finding out more idiosyncrasies and areas of need...which is great at times and not so great at the other. It's wonderful when I know a way to connect with students, get them engaged, or more ready to learn. It's not so wonderful when professionals who have been in the field much longer than I are asking for suggestion of things to try with a student, and the best I can come up with is "Let me get back with you." Lots of question asking on my part to my mentor and to others I know that have been in special education to find ways to give students the help and support that they need.

So, things are going well. Evaluations start up in a week. {EEEEK!!!} Overall, things are going well. I love the kids, like what I'm doing (I think that will change to love as the overwhelmed feelings begin to subside more), love my school and staff I work with... overwhelmed at times yes, but things are getting better. 

Here's hoping your having a great start of the school year and that maybe all of our days of trying to keep up and keep from being too overwhelmed are almost over. 

Mrs. Whitehair

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