Back to School Flash: Decor & More!

This fall I'm not changing my room a whole lot because... come December we are moving to a brand new school!! I may change things up thing to really make it new. Here are a few quick peeks at my room the last year or two. {Sorry in advance that a couple of pictures aren't quite the best, but I haven't been in my room much yet to take a better one.}

My absolute favorite part of my room is my classroom library. I love children's literature and have over 1,000 books in my classroom library. Most are sorted by genres using Ladybugs Teacher Files library labels. I have a massive oak shelf currently housing most of them, not sure that this huge hunk of furniture will make it over to the new building, so I will have to see what to do with them all come December.

My classroom colors are currently greens, blues, grays, and black. This might change a bit come December with my brand-new-room, but I'll have to see how ambitious I am midyear.

This board becomes interactive throughout the year. Students have a goal for each writing piece focusing on one of the 6-Traits of writing. I have goal sheets that go along with them too. Kid-friendly language, gives us a topic of conversation during conferences, and makes grading a little easier having one major area of focus.  If you would like, you can see them here.


{Horrible picture} I love this board too, as do my students. At the top, I put the mentor sentence of the week, then as we get to editing and creating our own sentences I choose three students from each section to be on the board for the week. Instant motivation! For more on mentor sentences, click here
Thanks to Meg from The Teacher Studio, I have a new use for my cart. Read here to see how I'm using it this year!

I can't wait to bounce around to see all of the decor ideas. I have a feeling a classroom makeover will be happening after viewing all the inspiration! Link up your ideas as well!


  1. I love those library labels! I am hoping to be able to set my secondary classroom library up like that this fall. I don't get my classroom back from construction company for another few weeks, so I'll drool over yours. My room is purple, green, and black.
    Kovescence of the Mind

  2. The colors are super cute! I have notice quite a few blue and green color schemes and I am thinking that might need to be my color scheme next year!
    Diary of a Not So Wimpy Teacher


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