Recipe Link-Up!

Whew, another week has come and gone. Why does the summer seem to go by soooo fast at times? Coursework is completely done, just the interview on Friday so hopefully I get back into blogging more often than just Mondays! {Be sure to check back throughout the week for details on a giveaway... 1,000 followers....whoot! So thankful!}

I love Instagram. There are so pretty legit teachers out there who are working on themselves too. Lots of lifting, healthy eating, and just getting fit.

They all put me and my haven't consistently worked out since high school self to shame. And clean eating... not so much.

However, the hubs and I are starting to make small changes. 3 Weeks No Cheats with For Blogness Sake.. no pop/soda for us. We are also adding more fruits and veggies to the mix too.

Not every week will be devoted to healthy or clean/eating {baking cookies for farmers later this week if it dries out} but this week I wanted to share some of our change ups.

First, the grocery store... I have a sweet tooth during the summer it seems. Had random left over candy from school, and it disappeared. Hopefully some fruit can help give me the "fix" I need.

Second... the "recipe"... Salad!

Lunch this week has been a toss up between sandwiches and salads. Some ham, large pieces of cheese, some red onions, croutons over lettuce with some spinach thrown in. Not pictured little bit of ranch dressing.  

Not exactly a tried and true 'recipe' but it's food, so I'm counting it :) 

Please feel free to link up your recipes and restaurant recommendations... healthy or not :)


  1. I had TWO recipes.....TWO! That salad looks really good. I'm not giving up Ranch dressing...EVER, but I did give up Diet Coke at the end of December last year. This is the longest I've ever said goodbye to my sweet friend. I had to replace it with tea. I don't know if that's any better for me, but I drink it....just not sweet.
    Good luck on Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XO
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  2. I just love your recipe link up! I will definitely find something delicious for next week!



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