A Little Bird Told Me...

That TPT is having a sale to celebrate 3 million strong!

I'm linking up my store and I thought I'd share a few new items that I've been using with my students recently. The sale starts Thursday, so I am filling up my cart now in anticipation. I can't wait to checkout all of the stores linked up and add to my cart!

In our small group intervention time, I needed some activities for R-Controlled vowels that was geared toward bigger kids. I came up with three different games and the kiddos are loving them!

I love using mentor sentences, but my kiddos are struggling with remembering the difference between simple, compound, and complex sentences. I made a review pack with posters, games, scoots, and sentence search to help them see the differences. 

We are also reviewing one of the comma rules that escapes us from time to time: commas in a series, with a fun sports theme!

Then for a little math... The questions on the greatest common factors are different. I thought the QR codes would be good for practice and the regular scoot cards for assessment.

Be sure to check out the other stores linked up and join in too! I can't wait to see what goodies there are to finish out the rest of the year!


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